Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions set out the standard terms on which DLA INVESTMENTS LIMITED operates or acts for the client (you) as agent in the provision of real estate services including sale, purchase and lease of industrial, commercial and residential facilities. The minimum terms of engagement shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Estate Agents’ Act 1979 of UK and the Estate Agents (Provision of Information) Regulations 1991, UK

Fees and Additional Expenses

Commission is payable on exchange of contracts following introduction and negotiation of a sale by us of your property during our agency period although we may defer payment until completion provided that we receive from your solicitors or licensed conveyancers before completion confirmation that you have instructed them as follows.  You will instruct your solicitors or licensed conveyancer to settle our commission (and any outstanding agreed costs) plus VAT out of the proceeds of sale.

Commission is payable together with Vat on the fixed fees or on a percentage of the sales price agreed in advance in writing between the parties and to include any additional sum agreed for carpets, curtains, fixtures, fittings, furniture and equipment included in the sale, (subject to an agreed minimum fee).

Unless specifically stated, estimated costs do not include VAT, which is payable on all commission and expenses at the prevailing rate.

No additional costs to the agreed commission will be charged unless previously agreed with you and confirmed by us in writing.  Where such costs have been agreed, for example, in relation to survey, land prospecting etc. and in marketing including advertising, brochures or photography, they will normally be payable at the outset but in any event, they will be due on invoicing.  These charges may be payable whether we sell the property.  In accordance with professional practice, we reserve the rights to retain or share the benefit of any marketing discounts and commissions.

The person(s) who signs on the attestation page is (are) responsible (jointly and severally) for the payment of fees and agreed costs and expenses unless it is clearly stated in writing that a third party is responsible, and they give written confirmation to us of acceptance of this liability.


You will be liable to pay us commission, in addition to any other costs or charges agreed, in the following circumstances.

Sole Agency (where we are the only agents you instruct)

Sole Agency (where we are the only agents you instruct) The Estate Agents’ Act 1979 requires us to ascertain if you are related, however remotely, to any of our employees (or associated companies).  If this is the case, you must notify us immediately as we have a duty to disclose this fact to any potential purchaser.

‘For Sale’ Boards

Legally, only one estate agents’ board per property may be erected.  You agree that we may erect a board that no other ‘for sale’ board will be permitted at the property during the period of our agency.  Should any other board be or have been erected during such a period in breach of these provisions, you will inform us immediately.

Price Quotations

We will agree the price to be quoted for the property and specified in any advertisement.  You acknowledge that this price is not a valuation and that, should you wish to vary the agreed quotation, you will give us notice in writing to that effect.

Statutory Obligation

We will comply with all statutory obligations placed on us whether under the UK Estate Agents Act, 1979, the UK Trade Descriptions Act, 1968, the Consumer Protection Act, 2006 or any other appropriate legislation.  However, we accept no responsibility for the maintenance or repair of any property for sale.

Services Available to Purchasers

Legally, we must inform you of services we, or persons connected with us, offer or are intending to offer to prospective purchasers.  These services are as follows:

Real Estate Brokerage

Property Investment Appraisal


Estate development

Land Management Consultancy

Paralegal Services

General Merchants

Data Protection

We use your personal information provided during the period of our agency for marketing.  We disclose your information to our service providers and agents for these purposes.  We may keep your information for a reasonable period to contact you about our services in the future; if you do not wish us to do this, please write to DLA INVESTMENTS LIMITED, P.O BOX AX 450, TAKORADI.

We may share your information with selected organizations who are our business partners and/or other companies within the Group.  They or we may contact you by mail, telephone, fax or e-mail to let you know about goods, services or promotion, which may be of interest to you.  If you do not wish to receive such information, please write to DLA INVESTMENTS, P.O.BOX AX  450, TAKORADI.

You have a right to ask for a copy of your information (for which we may charge a small fee) and to correct any inaccuracies in your data.

Non-Discrimination Policy

We will not discriminate against anyone based on race, nationality, sex or disability and observe all statutory requirements.

 Variation of Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions cannot be altered except by written agreement between us.