Project Experience

Active team with fast and efficient solutions

DLA has been responsible for undertaking acquisition and real estate services for various companies in the Western Region of Ghana including Western Diamond Cement, Mantrac Ghana, Lutton Engineering, Diamond International Limited, Taurus Trading and Logistics Company Limited, A. Christian and Company Limited, Phinas Pharma Limited, Kory Construction, Gemini Maritime Services Limited, General Development Company, Cal Bank, etc.

Our in-depth technical as well as local knowledge and competence in the real estate industry puts us in the right spectrum. The recognition of our role in ensuring a smooth synchronization between Vendors and Purchasers has culminated in several Stools, Land-owning families and private owners engaging our services. This has enhanced our acquisition of lands and further delivering such lands free from any form of litigation and/or encumbrances.

DLA offers consultancy services for the following groups

  • The Divisional Stool of Hotopo
  • The Divisional Stool of Apowa
  • The Divisional Stool of Apremdo
  • The Stools of Aboadze, Abuesi and Dwomor
  • The Anona Family of Biakakrom
  • Nvaville Family of Anokyi
  • Ebellemgbane Alonwoba Family of Anokyi
  • The Divisional Stool of Senzule
  • Bratuo Royal Stool of Punpunei
  • The Adzekese Stool of Moree

Corporate Bodies We Serve

  • Kory Construction Limited
  • Western Diamond Cement
  • Diamond International Ghana Limited
  • General Development Company (GDC)
  • John Bitar & Co
  • A. Christian & Co
  • Diab & Sons Co. Ltd
  • Lutton Engineering
  • Red Mango Apartments Hotel
  • Gemini Maritime Services Limited
  • Golden Star Wassa Limited
  • Cal Bank Ghana Limited
  • JVC Ghana Limited
  • Cromwell Grey LLC
  • Brenu & Co

Coordinated Land Schemes

  • Acquisition
  • Planning Approval
  • Registration in Favour of DLA Investments Limited
  • Enumeration and Payment of Crop Compensation
  • Scheming and Zoning
  • Site Clearing
  • Pillaring
  • Cadastral Preparation and Signing
  • Electricity in the Neighbourhood

Plot Details

  • Plots size: 80ft. x 90ft.
  • Payment Plan: One (1) Year – Standard