24-Hrs. Sales & Let Partner

24 Hours Sales & Let Partner

DLA Investments Limited was incorporated in 2010 to provide and offer among other things realty services to individuals, groups and corporate bodies. The DLA brand has been providing professional real estate services geared towards solving the many real estate challenges leading to a litigation free acquisition and furtherance of development for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

DLA has a tradition to be ever-present to all our clients – offering a 24 hours service to all our customers. DLA sets to ensure that all your real estate needs are attended to in the earliest possible time.

Your solution to any real estate problem is only a phone call away. Regardless of which day or time it is, contact us and we will be present to offer you the very best in real estate service.



Our Promise

  • The Ultimate goal is to achieve the best value for your property within the most reasonable allowable time.
  • Integrity, standards, professionalism and the needed confidentiality is not compromised in the marketing of your property.
  • We adopt tailor-made strategies for the marketing of your property. DLA views each property as unique and hence requires unique procedures in ensuring the greatest market reach and improve the possibility of getting a deal concluded within the professionally acceptable time frame.

DLA researches and touches on the most critical areas of your property as well as the uniqueness associated with your property.

We understand that each transaction is different hence we have the imagination and practical experience to adapt to your particular needs, and then live up to our promises.

We have built a team of respectable professionals who operate with the utmost care so that we can offer clients an honest service, driven by results and conducted with respect.

Our reputation and success rests on providing good results with empathy of fiduciaries. Our art of listening is incomparably unique.

Thank you for considering us.


Professional and smart sales particulars are our hallmark. Professional profiling of the essential and most influential aspects of your property are highlighted and brought to fore.

A well-crafted photographic and audio-visual impressions are produced and displayed to provide the necessary impact for viewing and closure. The momentum on the sale and let of properties are sustained to enhance closure.

We employ all the modern means of communicating and reaching out to our local and global clients to enhance the optimum reach. We never miss an opportunity to delight our customers rather than simply deliver the basics.  We believe in the direct correlation of efforts and results.

Our teams of field technicians are always on standby to arrange viewings as many times as possible to increase the chances of a deal being concluded.

We report on the progress and challenges associated with the conduct of our mandate. The facts and figures are adequately set out in our reporting protocols that are not compromised.

We recognize the growing importance of e-marketing.

House buyers are increasingly browsing the internet, looking for suitable properties to view.  In fact, it is estimated that 70% of house hunters start searching on the internet first.

We take good care to promote our website to maximize interest. Our website is state of the art, easy to use and built with the purchaser in mind.  Enquiries are picked up immediately and business can proceed from there.

Your property will be listed on our own website www.dlainvestments.com

This gives us access to over 300,000 visitors a month, so we can market your property to more potential buyers.

It also means we are working to promote your property even when the branch is closed.  Potential buyers can e-mail us to arrange viewings around the clock.

Our Sponsorship

DLA Investments Limited has the drive and desire to always give back to society in the very best way possible.

We are always poised to support institutions, individuals or groups who are challenged one way or the other. Our support comes either financially or through the provision of products and services.

We have special and well-equipped teams who have put in place a well fashioned design that seeks to offer support to society at all levels on a consistent basis.

Currently DLA Investments has adopted Anaji United Football Club (a division two club) as its headline sponsor with the view to harness talents and help them realize their potential.